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Bd music 28

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bd music 28

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February 11, It was released as a non-album single in Julyto raise awareness for the millions of refugees from the country formerly known as East Pakistanfollowing the Bhola cyclone and the outbreak of the Bangladesh Liberation War. Harrison's inspiration for the song came from his friend Ravi Shankara Bengali musician, who approached Harrison for help in trying to alleviate the suffering.

InUnited Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan identified the song's success in personalising the Bangladesh crisis, through its emotive description of Shankar's request for help. It was pop music 's first charity singleand its release took place three days before the Harrison-sponsored Concert for Bangladesh shows at New York's Madison Square Garden.

The single became a top ten hit in the United Kingdom and elsewhere in Europe, and peaked at number 23 on America's Billboard Hot The Los Angeles session for the song marked the start of two enduring musical associations in Harrison's solo career, with Keltner and Horn. In a review of the Concert for Bangladesh live album for Rolling Stone magazine, Jon Landau identified this reading as "the concert's single greatest performance by all concerned".

By the spring ofGeorge Harrison had established himself as the most successful ex- Beatle during the former band members' first year as solo artists; [3] [4] [5] [6] in the words of biographer Elliot Huntley, he "couldn't have got any more popular in the eyes of the public". Another project was a documentary on the life and music of Ravi ShankarHoward Worth's Ragafor which Harrison had stepped in at the last minute to provide funding [15] and distribution through Apple Films.

A Bengali by birth, Shankar had already brought the growing humanitarian crisis in Bangladesh to Harrison's attention, while staying at the ex-Beatle's house, Friar Parkearlier in the year.

Foreign journalists had been deported from East Pakistan shortly before the Pakistani army's Operation Searchlightand even after Mascarenhas' first-hand observations had been published, Shankar and Harrison were concerned that the mainstream media in the West were showing a reluctance to report all the facts. As with the concerts, Harrison made a point of steering clear of the politics behind the problem, his lyrics focusing instead on the human perspective. My friend came to me with sadness in his eyes Told me that he wanted help before his country dies Although I couldn't feel the pain, I knew I had to try Now I'm asking all of you to help us save some lives.

bd music 28

These lines refer to Shankar's request for help, [39] and "[in] deference to the Shankar context", musical biographer Simon Leng suggests, Harrison set the opening verse as a rock version of Indian music's traditional alap — "a slow introductory statement of the main ideas". Bangla Desh, Bangla Desh Where so many people are dying fast And it sure looks like a mess I've never seen such distress Now won't you lend your hand, try to understand Relieve the people of Bangla Desh. The final verse-chorus reflects a point that former US Fund for UNICEF president Charles Lyons has identified as a perennial obstacle when addressing global issues of poverty — that the problems appear to be too big and too distant for individuals to be able to solve: [42].

Now, it may seem so far from where we all are It's something we can't reject That suffering, I can't neglect In this verse, the line " Now won't you give some bread to get the starving fed " contains a "clever pun", Harrison biographer Ian Inglis notes, whereby the word "bread" is used to refer to both money and food.

With little time to begin rehearsing for the New York shows, the "Bangla Desh" single was rush-recorded in Los Angeles. The recording begins with Harrison's emotive introduction backed by what Lavezzoli describes as a "rolling piano figure" from Russell.

At Harrison's urging, Capitol RecordsApple's distributor in the United States, set all four of its manufacturing plants to producing copies of the "Bangla Desh" single; one-sided, white label promo discs were also rushed through to ensure immediate radio play for the song. It was a thrilling moment in the midst of all the sad news emanating from the battlefront. Even the Western journalists covering the civil war in East Pakistan were not yet using the word 'Bangladesh'.

Despite the song having been a hit — and its status as the first-ever pop charity single[78] fourteen years before Band Aid and USA for Africa [79] — "Bangla Desh" was mostly ignored by record-company repackagers following On release, Billboard magazine described "Bangla Desh" as "a musical appeal to help our fellow-man" that "should find immediate and heavy chart action".

In his concert review for The Village VoiceDon Heckman described "Bangla Desh" as "a song which expresses far better than words what kind of man Harrison is". Heckman went on to compare Harrison's philanthropy with the activities of two of his former bandmates, saying: "I have no quarrel with John Lennon's endless clattering around inside his psyche, or Paul McCartney 's search for sweetness and light, but at the moment I have to have stronger feelings about George Harrison's active efforts to do something about the misery in the world around him.

bd music 28

How surprising that the most introspective of the Beatles should be the one who, in the long run, takes the most effective actions. Away from its context as a song designed purely to bring attention to the Bengalis' cause, as Harrison himself described it, [66] "Bangla Desh" has often been viewed by commentators as a rushed and underwhelming composition. As such, 'Bangla Desh' remains one of the most cogent social statements in music history.

In his interview for the reissue of Saul Swimmer 's Concert for Bangladesh film, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan acknowledged Harrison and Shankar as "pioneers" in their efforts for the people of Bangladesh, and credited the song's opening verse for personalising the crisis by showing "the man behind the music". Harrison played "Bangla Desh" as an encore at both of the Madison Square Garden shows on 1 Augustwith the evening performance being selected for inclusion on the Concert for Bangladesh triple live album.

In his album review for Melody MakerRichard Williams wrote that the live version of "Bangla Desh" "roars and rages to a stunning close". Although he was reportedly eager to repeat the experience of these New York shows, [] [] Harrison never played "Bangla Desh" in concert after and he did not perform live again until his North American tour with Shankar.The Concert for Bangladesh or Bangla Desh, as the country's name was originally spelt [1] was a pair of benefit concerts organised by former Beatles guitarist George Harrison and Indian sitar player Ravi Shankar.

The concerts were followed by a bestselling live albuma boxed three-record set, and Apple Films ' concert documentarywhich opened in cinemas in the spring of The event was the first-ever benefit of such a magnitude, [2] and featured a supergroup of performers that included Harrison, fellow ex-Beatle Ringo StarrBob DylanEric ClaptonBilly PrestonLeon Russell and the band Badfinger. In addition, Shankar and Ali Akbar Khan — both of whom had ancestral roots in Bangladesh — performed an opening set of Indian classical music.

After collecting the musicians easily, Harrison found it extremely difficult to get the recording industry to release the rights for performers to share the stage, and millions of dollars raised from the album and film were tied up in IRS tax escrow accounts for years, but the Concert for Bangladesh is recognised as a highly successful and influential humanitarian aid project, generating both awareness and considerable funds as well as providing valuable lessons and inspiration for projects that followed, such as Live Aid.

Decades later, Shankar would say of the overwhelming success of the event: "In one day, the whole world knew the name of Bangladesh. It was a fantastic occasion. As East Pakistan struggled to become the separate state of Bangladesh during the Bangladesh Liberation Warthe political and military turmoil and associated atrocities led to a massive refugee problem, [8] with at least 7 million displaced people pouring into neighbouring India.

Appalled at the situation affecting his homeland and relatives, [10] [11] Bengali musician Ravi Shankar first brought the issue to the attention of his friend George Harrison in the early months ofover dinner at Friar Parkaccording to Klaus Voormann 's recollection. O'Dell set about contacting local musicians from the Harrisons' rented house in Nichols Canyon[35] as Harrison took the long-distance calls, hoping more than anything to secure Bob Dylan 's participation.

By the first week of July, [40] Harrison was in a Los Angeles studio recording his purpose-written song, " Bangla Desh ", with co-producer Phil Spector. Harrison then met with Badfinger in London to explain that he would have to abandon work on Straight Up[31] [44] before flying to New York on 13 July to see Lennon.

Towards the end of the month, when all parties were due to meet in New York for rehearsals, [44] Harrison had the commitment of a backing band comprising: Preston, on keyboards; the four members of Badfinger, on acoustic rhythm guitars and tambourine; Voormann and Keltner, on bass and drums, respectively; and saxophonist Jim Horn 's so-called "Hollywood Horns", which included Chuck FindleyJackie Kelso and Lou McCreary.

Among Harrison's former bandmates, Lennon initially agreed to take part in the concert without his wife and musical partner Yoko Onoas Harrison had apparently stipulated. On Tuesday, 27 July, Harrison and Shankar, accompanied by a pipe-smoking Allen Kleinheld a press conference to promote the two shows; [62] notoriously performance-shy, Harrison said "Just thinking about it makes me shake.

The final rehearsal, the first for some of the participants, was combined with the concert soundcheckat Madison Square Garden, late on 31 July. I've never done that.

Through Harrison's friendship with the BandJonathan Taplin served as production manager, while Chip Monck was in charge of lighting.

Stephen Stills having proceeded to sell out Madison Square Garden two days before the concert on 30 July, [82] in support of his album, Stephen Stills 2allowed Harrison to use his stage, sound, lighting system and production manager but was upset when Harrison "neglected to invite him to perform, mention his name, or say thank you". Stills then spent the show drunk in Ringo Starr's dressing room, "barking at everyone". In his role as master of ceremonies, Harrison began the afternoon show by asking the audience to "try to get into" the opening, Indian music portion of the programme.

Next up was Harrison's " Beware of Darkness ", with guest vocals on the third verse by Russell, who covered the song on his concurrent album, Leon Russell and the Shelter People In an effective change of pace, [94] Harrison picked up his acoustic guitar, now alone on the stage save for Pete Ham on a second acoustic, [] and Don Nix 's gospel choir, off to stage-left.

It was only at that moment that I knew for sure he was going to do it. As Harrison had envisaged, [] Dylan's mini-set was the crowning glory of the Concert for Bangladesh for many observers.

Harrison and the band then returned to perform a final segment, consisting of " Hear Me Lord " and his recent international number one hit, " My Sweet Lord ", followed by the song of the moment — " Bangla Desh ". Harrison was reportedly delighted with the outcome of the first show, as was Dylan, who accompanied him back to the Park Lane Hotel afterwards. The songs played and their sequence differed slightly between the first and second shows, most noticeably with Harrison's opening and closing mini-sets.

bd music 28

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